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Exposure Elements launches our aerial drone photography service.

April 2, 2014, 8:58 pm

Aerial Drone Photography Will Captivate Viewer Attention

In this era of internet exposure today's home buyers and businesses want stimulating visuals that captivate their attention.
Our radio controlled drones provide close range high definition aerial images at up to 14 megapixel granularity and should be easily able to print up to 8x10 images with excellent results. We recently were able to shoot a 4 image panorama 60 feet off the ground and deliver an outstanding 11x17 image to our client

Not All Aerial Drones Are The Same

Windy day?

... No problem! Our quadcopter is GPS enabled. When we get the shot we want we can focus on camera work and our drones just hover until we move to the next needed shot.

Not sure if the right image will be captured? 

...Our aerial drone supports first person viewing!  This means that the realtor and the photographer can see the exact image to be captured from a screen connected wirelessly to the drone.  Not all aerial drone services offer this feature.  If you don't use Exposure Elements make sure this is an included feature. 

Rushed for time due to battery limitations?  

...Most aerial helicopters can only stay in the air for 7-9 minutes at a time so shots have to be set and shot quickly.  Our aerial helicopter uses advanced battery design and power management to optimize power.  We can stay in the air up to 25 minutes on one charge and usually carry multiple battery charges to each project.  Battery limitations will never be an issue for Exposure Elements.

We Are The Right Choice For Aerial Photography

We are property photography experts.  Each of our services is brought on after exhaustive research so we can assure our valued clients of outstanding imaging results.  Our aerial photography WILL captivate your viewers attention and often at a cost that is significantly less than other market options.  Call us soon to schedule your aerial photography and virtual tour at 408-431-0461.



Posted by Stan Davis of Exposure Elements at 8:58 pm