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Bay Area

7073 Wilderness Circle

7073 Wilderness Circle
San Jose, CA 95135

3635 Valley Ridge Lane

3635 Valley Ridge Lane
San Jose, CA 95148

2392 Plateau Drive, San Jose, CA 95125

2392 Plateau Drive
San Jose, CA 95125

1049 Shell Blvd. Apt. 6

1049 Shell Blvd. Apt. 6
Foster City, CA 94404

13192 McDole Street, Saratoga, CA

13192 McDole Street
Saratoga, CA 95070

Sunnyside Christian Church

2025 N Murray Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How quickly will my tours be online?
Answer: Real Estate Virtual Tours are typically processed within 24 hours of being photographed. There may be a delay if your tour is shot over a weekend.  Because business virtual tours are typically more complicated these virtual tours will typically be completed within 5 days. 

Question: Are your tours MLS compliant?
Answer: Yes. We offer multiple viewing formats for each virtual tour. The different formats are viewable by clicking on unique links that we can provide. Each type of tour has a varying degree of feature restriction so as to allow you to use the tour with the most features while still meeting the requirements of your local MLS.

Question: When will my virtual tours expire?
Answer: Real Estate virtual tours never expire.  Business virtual tours expire after 1 year and can be renewed for a nominal fee.

Question: How many scenes can be included in each tour?
Answer: The tour window supports 60 scenes in any combination of full 360, partial 360 or still images. If you have renderings instead of photos, we can add them as well or in addition to actual photos.  If you want additional images added we can do this for the cost of an extended tour license.

Question: What control do I have over the interface?
Answer:  You can choose any color you wish for the skin and text colors of your tour windows.   You have considerable flexibility on the banner and contact information provided in the interface

Question:  What changes can be made to the tour after the tour is delivered?
Answer:  We can update the details of the tour fairly easily and typically do not charge for these modifications.  Image changes and other significant alterations to the tour may require an additonal charge.

Question: Is there an additional charge for the setup of real estate tour templates/skins by your logo staff?
Answer: There is no additional charge for the setup of tour templates or skins as long as logos and colors are made available by tour publication time.

Question: How much does an audio narrative clip cost?
Answer: Streaming background music clips are available and included in the price of the tour. Pricing for audio narration on a virtual tour varies according to project and according to the type of narration chosen.  Contact us for details.

Question: Can I place a link to custom information on the tour?
Answer: Yes. You can have both a custom link labeled as you see fit as well as a link to city information on each of your tour.

Question: Can I place a link to a map of the property location on my tours?
Answer: Yes. A link to a road map and a link of the arial view of the property is automatically generated

Question: Can I place a floor plan on my tour?
Answer: Yes. You can add a floor plan image a separate feature button below the view screen on the tour window or you can include a floor plan as one of your images within the view screen on the tour window.

Question: Where do you link the tours out to?
Answer: We will supply you with a link  to your virtual tour so that you can place it onto your websites   For Realtors we also provide an unbranded link to meet local MLS requirements.   PicturePath is available for an additional fee which pushes the virtual tour to Realtor.com, Homestore.com, Aol.com, and MSN.com.

Question: What is the charge to post tours to Realtor.com using PicturePath™?
Answer: We use a virtual tour technology that is an approved PicturePath™ member of Homestore, Inc the operator of Realtor.com. This means that we are authorized to send virtual tours from our servers to the following websites: www.realtor.com, www.homestore.com, www.msn.com. Homestore, Inc applies a charge for each tour sent to the sites listed above. We pass on this charge to you. The cost is $25.00 each time we send a virtual tour through the PicturePath gateway. All companies that post virtual tours to the Homestore network of sites are charged to do so. Companies that are not an approved PicturePath™ member are unauthorized to send virtual tours to the Homestore network of sites. We can also send your tours to www.homeseekers.com and www.homes.com at no charge to you.

Question: What driving distance limitations?  What cities will you do photo shoots in? 
Answer: For Realtors, from Palo Alto south into the Silicon Valley and on the east side from Milpitas south into the Silicon  Valley. We will travel at no charge into Morgan Hill to the South.  For engagements beyond this distance please discuss directly with us.

For businesses and commercial engagements we travel 40 miles without charge unless we are already involved with another project in the same area at the same time.