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Exposure Elements
Bay Area

Exposure Elements Staging & Design

Staging Samples
Silicon Valley, CA 00000

688 Woodhams Drive, Santa Clara, CA

688 Woodhams Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051

3601 Morrie Drive, San Jose, CA

3601 Morrie Drive
San Jose, CA 95127

Awesome Mountain View Condo!

1910 Mount Vernon Court #17
Mountian View, CA 94040

1310 Saddle Rack #440, San Jose, CA

1310 Saddle Rack #440
San Jose, CA 95126

701 Applause Place, San Jose, CA

701 Applause Place
San Jose, CA 95134

Scotts Valley Gem

2927 Granite Creek Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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Floor Plan Option

Do You Have A Floor Plan

Our full screen tours can incorporate floor plans in jpeg format. This can be an extreamly powerful tool in convening the property to groups interested in your property.  Restuarants and Banquet facilities can give your clientele a clear idea how your facility is laid out and the possible benefits of  you hosting their engagement.  More often than not banquet space renters work by a process of disqualification rather than qualification so a floor plan tour can extend your qualification and possibly earn you the business relating to that event.                                   Sample Floor Plan

Retail stores can benefit from floor plan tours by making the shopping experience more efficient for their clientele.  Many customers avoid new stores due to the lack of familiarity.  Providing an on line floor plan tour will bring these customers into the store with a higher level of comfort and a willingness to make purchases sooner.

Of course home owners utilizing floor plan tours can give prospective buyers a unique perspective on their property that will create interest and a stronger understanding of your homes selling features. 

Floor Plan tours take a little more time and planning to assure the most effective presentation of this compelling feature so contact Exposure Elements with more advance notice to make sure that we can effectively evaluate the benefits and give you a tour that will capture the attention of your audience.