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The Value of HDR Photography

Exposure Elements
Bay Area

7073 Wilderness Circle

7073 Wilderness Circle
San Jose, CA 95135

3635 Valley Ridge Lane

3635 Valley Ridge Lane
San Jose, CA 95148

2392 Plateau Drive, San Jose, CA 95125

2392 Plateau Drive
San Jose, CA 95125

1049 Shell Blvd. Apt. 6

1049 Shell Blvd. Apt. 6
Foster City, CA 94404

13192 McDole Street, Saratoga, CA

13192 McDole Street
Saratoga, CA 95070

Sunnyside Christian Church

2025 N Murray Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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Mobile Site 4 Brokers

How Mobile Site 4 Brokers works

Mobile Site 4 Brokers is a TxT2Look software service that works in tandem with the Mobile Site 4 Realtors.  This service gives the real estate broker a fantastic tool to display all of the brokerages properties, up to 125 listings at a single office, on a mobile device while adding value to the individual agents of the brokerage that choose to subscribe to the service at an individual level.  Once the brokerages listings are all posted to the service anyone can text the brokerages key word to see all the listings of the brokerage.  If that listing belongs to an individual subscriber (subscribing to the Mobile Site 4 Realtors)  the lead for that listing will go to the individual subscriber, otherwise it will go to the brokerages pool of leads.  This can be a great tool to provide new agents interested leads to call on.

Who else benefits from Mobile Site 4 Brokers

This type of a system creates flexibility for the brokerage as new agents with limited business resources may not have the resources to get Mobile Site 4 Realtors but can still receive some of the benefits of Mobile Site 4 Brokers.  Agents that do subscribe to the individual Mobile Site 4 Realtors will get the benefits of a personal mobile website with all of the listings of the brokerage or just the listings they choose.  The agent will recieve the leads that are created from their listings on the Mobile Site 4 Brokers as well as any leads that are created from their personal Mobile Site 4 Realtors. The broker is forwarded all the leads that are not related to individually subscribing Realtors. 

How to get Mobile Site 4 Brokers

This system is sold as a monthly service.  The price is largely dependent on the size of the brokerage.  Please email Exposure Elements or call at 408-431-0461 to get a specific price for your brokerage.