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Exposure Elements
Bay Area

Exposure Elements Staging & Design

Staging Samples
Silicon Valley, CA 00000

688 Woodhams Drive, Santa Clara, CA

688 Woodhams Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051

3601 Morrie Drive, San Jose, CA

3601 Morrie Drive
San Jose, CA 95127

Awesome Mountain View Condo!

1910 Mount Vernon Court #17
Mountian View, CA 94040

1310 Saddle Rack #440, San Jose, CA

1310 Saddle Rack #440
San Jose, CA 95126

701 Applause Place, San Jose, CA

701 Applause Place
San Jose, CA 95134

Scotts Valley Gem

2927 Granite Creek Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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Mobile Sites 4 Property Managers

Communicate with Smartphone Users

Using technology from our sister company, TxT2Look of Northern California you can now display and promote all of your properties and apartment communities within a set of linked mobile websites.  More rental hunters are discovering the power and convenience of using their mobile phones to surf the web and do everything they would normally do using a PC or laptop.  Some mobile users have even replaced their home computers with mobile phones.  Users can conveniently go online almost anywhere now with their mobile phones, so wouldn't it be nice if rental hunters could visit online websites that are formatted perfectly to be navigated and read with ease on any mobile phone?

A Recent Study Shows...

According to a recent study of potential renters conducted by Philadelphia based research firm Devine and Powers, 49% of respondents said they would be more likely to look at rental space from a property manager who offered a mobile solution as a part of their marketing plan while 67% said it would be a major deciding factor in choosing rental space.  With Exposure Elements Mobile Websites all of your rentals and communities instantly become mobile ready and available.  When buyers are out driving around looking at properties there is no better time to make this information available to them in the right format for viewing!

Mobile website vs. Regular Website

If you have a website but it is not a mobile app, here is what your potential buyer sees when searching your current site on their phone and what they see when searching one from our software service.



Promoting your TxT2Look Mobile Website

There are a number of ways to promote and advertise your mobile websites.  For instance, you can use our Text Business Card to empower your leasing agents with contact information to their specific community or rental.  This provides a way to show individual accountabilty while directing renters to your mobile websites. Each of your community mobile websites and text business cards in a set of Exposure Elements Mobile Websites for Property Managers also can be linked together so your visitors will be exposed to all of your properties and staff members through a convenient directory.  Cross marketing your mobile websites across all of your other marketing programs will give this program added value and improve your lead generation capability by taking advantage of our mobile phone number capture system. 

What should I do?

With features like these it's easy to see how Exposure Elements Mobile Websites can help you deliver the best rent hunter experience to your clients.  Get mobile and sign up today by following the link below.

The Exposure Elements Mobile Website 4 Property Managers starts at $20/mo for a single property mobile website.  Increase your usage with additional linked mobile property websties and mobile text business cards for a lower cost per mobile website.