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Twilight Virtual Tour

Why invest in a Twilight Virtual Tour?

In some circles twilght photography and virtual tours are called the "Golden Hour Photography".  This is the time of day when the sun has set or is within minutes of setting until total darkness arrives.  During this time there is enough light to capture details of a home while taking advantage of the golden light produced by incandescent bulbs lighting the interior and exterior of the home. 

Creating these type of shots can differentiate your home from the rest of the market and drive an increased number of visitors to your home.  Often times a twilight shot is the "million dollar shot" used as the attention grabbing shot for the front shot of the MLS listing.


Twilight image sample

What is involved in a twilight virtual tour?

The purpose of the twilight image is to romance home buyers.  This type of photography is surreal in nature and requires several exposures to complete the image.  The nature of these surreal images allows for considerable artistic input from the realtor or seller of the home to get a "look" that is consistent with expectations.  Exposure Elements can involve the Realtor or home seller as much or as little as desired to get the final "look".


Why this type of approach?

With a different set of lighting requirements for twilight and daylight shots many tour providers try to squeeze in daylight shots first and then transition to twilight shots after sunset but the light for daylight shots is best in the morning between 8am and 12-noon due to the softer light of the morning sun so the main core of your home images would suffer to accomplish this attention getting shot.  The end result is that you may get the attention of a buyer only to loose their interest as they start to look at the daylight pictures. 


The positive end result of our twilight virtual tours.

This type of photography is not likely to be considered for the average home on the market in Northern California.  As the cost of the home increases though, buyer expectations rise significantly and competition to attract buyers becomes more intense.  Ultimately more photography and more unique shots are needed to attract their attention.  Our approach meets these requirements and goes a long way towards market differentiation, a key to successful home marketing.