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Exposure Elements Staging & Design

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Silicon Valley, CA 00000

688 Woodhams Drive, Santa Clara, CA

688 Woodhams Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051

3601 Morrie Drive, San Jose, CA

3601 Morrie Drive
San Jose, CA 95127

Awesome Mountain View Condo!

1910 Mount Vernon Court #17
Mountian View, CA 94040

1310 Saddle Rack #440, San Jose, CA

1310 Saddle Rack #440
San Jose, CA 95126

701 Applause Place, San Jose, CA

701 Applause Place
San Jose, CA 95134

Scotts Valley Gem

2927 Granite Creek Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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Exposure Elements, The Bay Area Staging, Photography, and Virtual Tour Experts for Business & Real Estate

Based in the San Jose, California we offer the home staging, photography and marketing services you need to expose your business or property. 

Exposure Elements Staging & Design

We are experts in home staging and design.  We turn empty houses into homes that people want to purchase by highlighting the value features of the property.  With a wide variety of newer home furnishings, a team of well trained staff members and one of the best lead designers in the bay area your property listing is sure to garner top value.  Check out our testimonials page to see if someone from your brokerage has worked with us.

Staged Simply

Many times, due to budgetary concerns, quick market times or realtors that want to do the staging finishes themselves, home staging needs to be a limited engagement with a lower cost.  Exposure Elements developed "Staged Simply" for those listings. With this service you can order specific bundles of furniture at a set, low cost that includes delivery, set up and pick up.   

Silicon Valley Virtual Tours is Exposure Elements

We are a recognized leader in interactive panoramic virtual tours, HDR imaging and aerial photography in the Silicon Valley and throughout Northern California. Our technology is the perfect solution for any business trying to sell anything via the web.  Apartment communities, businesses and Real Estate agents looking for interactive marketing of properties with maximum results work with us to create compelling virtual tours and generate top exposure for their property or business.   Our advanced virtual tour software is developed by Real Tour Vision, specialist in virtual tour software development.  This software is the building block of our virtual tour product and the basis for our extensive tour distribution exposure engine.

Why Should You Choose Exposure Elements

We offer a complete range of home staging and photography services that include designer staging, simplified staging, virtual staging,  high quality real estate photography, aerial photography, and floor plan creation,  as well as many other marketing services for the real estate and business markets.  

Our home staging evokes the emotion in home buyers and enables them to realize the possibilities your listing has.  We are constantly purchasing new inventory and removing old or dated furnishings to provide the most attractive home to your buyers.  The feedback we receive on design is outstanding as our clients value the logistic approach we use.  You should expect to see unified color themes throughout the home, the use of designer accents throughout the home and artwork that maintains a consistent theme that provides a highly engaged viewing of our staged homes.

When "designer" staging is to costly for the budget or minimal furnishings will meet the needs of the listingAs an alternative staging program, we offer "Staged Simply", a simplified home staging service sold by package.  If neither of these service is right for your listing you may want to consider virtual staging where our photography experts and our design experts combine to use a sophisticated computer graphics program to furnish rooms photographed empty.  

Our photography services stand above the competition delivering compelling business and archtectural photography that is clear and realistic.   We can customize the look and feel of our offerings through a custom branded virtual tour, and custom integration making the final product unique and engaging to your customers.  We have the experience and resources to build the most demanding and functional virtual tours while integrating creative photography and adding an engaging element.  Enjoy the rest of the website and don't forget to visit our gallery.