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1310 Saddle Rack #440
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A Mobile App Strategy Driven by Social Networking

October 21, 2011, 4:10 pm

The Rise of Social Networking

A recent comScore report highlighted these statistics:

        -Social networking accounts for 1 of every 6 minutes spent online
        -As Facebook reaches market capacity (reaching 157.2 million visitors and 73% of the total U.S. Internet population each month), its growth has not been limited. Facebook has increased average U.S. visitor engagement from 4.6 hours to 6.3 hours per month over the past year
        -LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr have grown at impressive rates

A Sept. 13, 2011 Mashable publication said according to Nielsen Americans spend almost a quarter of their time online on social networking sites. The most popular social network is Facebook, followed by Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Apartment Photography - Do I need an expert in this field?

October 14, 2011, 11:10 pm

Apartment Photography Challenges

Apartment communities have many unique photography challenges that require specialized attention, experience and post processing in order to deliver photography that separates your community from the competition. 


Tour Reporting System Offers the Valuable Feedback Needed to Measure Tour Activity

October 2, 2011, 11:10 pm

What is a virtual tour reporting system?

The Exposure Elements virtual tour reporting system is an invaluable weekly sent reporting tool for real estate agents and businesses that guages the activity of the property tour.  It provides several benefits that position the reporting system as a must have tool when selling or sharing a property with the public as it reports on a) the number of visits to the virtual tour by day during the previous week, b) the number of visits to the virtual tour by week for the previous weeks of the tour up to 10 weeks, c) where the visitors are coming from, and d) a summary of the most viewed images of the virtual tour.

It all gets packaged up into a colorful, graphical page that is emailed from Exposure Elements to you and your clients each monday.  The report includes all of your information and even space for a logo or image should you want to share it with a business partner or listing client.

Mobile Solutions that are good for Tenant and Property Manager

September 20, 2011, 3:09 am

Background  on Mobile Acceptance and the Need for Mobile Solutions

“Over 15 percent of apartment seekers are using a mobile device today and the growth is accelerating,” said a key executive at MyNewPlace.  “We expect over 50 percent of apartment seekers to be using a mobile device by 2014, making a mobile-optimized website a critical part of the mix for apartment marketers.”

Due to the faster adoption rate on new technologies the Silicon Valley can be as much as 2 years ahead of the rest of the country.  The on the go lifestyle here requires being connected all the time.  In order to be comptetitive and meet the needs of mobile savy tech workers that spend more time away from home and need to utilize on the go time apartment communities need to provide communication tools that allow access while their tenants are between desktop computers

The Value of the Mobile Site 4 Realtors

September 15, 2011, 1:09 am

In the beginning...

Since the inception of Exposure Elements two years ago we have been committed to the growth of the mobile aspects of our marketing programs for Realtors.  We started off by getting committed vendors that saw the vision of mobile and the growth potential.  Both RTV and TxT2Look, our primary software partners exemplified this vision with their outstanding mobile direction.  TxT2Look had a special commitment in developing the first mobile app I had seen specifically for Realtors and one of the early players in an increasingly competitive market sector.  Their initial offering was significantly better than the "other" solutions in the market place with true mobile pages instead of a resized desktop page and integration with an SMS texting platform that made the app access easy and the delivery speedy.  At a time when Realtors were just starting to think about mobile TxT2Look had a mobile product that was basically where most of the competition is today.

Fast forward 2 years to today..

How the Exposure Elements Exposure Engine Works for Realtors

August 15, 2011, 3:08 am

Real Estate Market Exposure Engine

Realtors have unique requirements for the exposure of their listings.  Our Exposure Engine is designed to facilite this need for a period of six months.  Our Exposure Engine is offered in pieces or as a whole with the whole being comprised of the Realtor.com portal posting the listing virtual tour to 80+  real estate sites.  We extend this by posting images and details to another 98 sites through our own exclusive portal  interface, developing a YouTube video, a tour QR code and an HTML posting to Craigslist.  The power of this program, though, is that we will keep our exclusive postings up for up to 6 months or untl the property listing is sold whichever comes first.  We will also repost the Craigslist advertisement every 15 days for the six month listing support period on your request.

Exposure Elements Partners with Century 21 M&M and Associates.

August 15, 2011, 1:08 am

Exposure Elements Becomes a Century 21 M&M Connections Partner

Exposure Elements recently signed an agreement to be a preferred partner in their Century 21 M&M and Associates Connections program.  Century 21 M&M and Associates is the largest real estate brokerage in Northern California with 26 branch offices and over 1250 Realtor agents distributed across the northern half of California.  Exposure Elements agreed to initially support seven offices with the closest proximity to our office in San Jose.  Those offices are as follows; Berkeley, Tracy, Los Banos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, San Jose and the corporate office in Oakdale,CA. 

Why use YouTube Videos for Property Marketing

August 7, 2011, 3:08 pm

Understanding the value of YouTube videos is often a question mark for Realtors and home sellers.  The questions that most often come up when asked if they want an Exposure Elements YouTube Video included with their marketing package  are:

1) What are the benefits of adding an Exposure Elements YouTube Video to the marketing package?

2) How do I get the most benefits from a Exposure Elements YouTube Video?

3) How will this marketing tool hlep my marketing plan?

4) Is YouTube a safe marketing option for my family?

Below are Exposure Elements' answers to these questions.

Raw Capture vs Jpeg Image Editing Considerations

March 23, 2011, 1:03 am

About RAW and JPEG Editing

by Kacie Conaboy

JPEG and Raw file formats are pretty much identical at a visual standpoint. But there are serious technical differences that should be noted.

A clean, well prepared property will yeild the best virtual property tour

November 30, 2010, 4:11 am

Virtual Tour Preparation

Make the most out of your virtual tour by making sure your property looks its best! A virtual tour is an online open house, so get rid of the clutter, and make it sparkle! Here are some tips to look your best and get our photographer done on time:

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